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INNGU Pico Second Solid State Laser Put Into Mass Production
Release time:2019-01-11 15:20:57 Writer by:Inngu News
With the development of science and technology, the hot melting processing method formed by the resonance between photon and electron can not meet the preciser micro processing requirements on traditional materials in the material micro processing application. The characteristics and processing difficulty forces us to look for better ultra fast laser——Pico second laser. Pico second laser is superior in recent years’ research and applications.
Pico second laser is developed by Inngu Laser since 2017. It is updated to new generation at present and vertified by market. Our ultra series --Pico G Series laser was promoted at the end of 2018.
Pico G series laser has obvious advantages compared to original products:
1. Compact Structure and Simple Operation
2. Better Stability
3. Concise Interfaces
4. Higher Peak
Inngu Pico second UV and green laser are put into mass production. We are looking forward to wider applications and changes brought by Inngu Laser in precise macro processing technology.
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