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2019 Market for Lasers report now available from SU and Laser Markets Research
Release time:2019-03-28 09:51:57 Writer by:Gail Overton
The 2019 worldwide laser market report and forecast details not only historical sales data (as shown), information on top suppliers, and current technology and business trends for the laser industry, but it also provides a detailed forecast through 2024 by laser type and market segment.
The 2019 worldwide laser market forecast report is now available for executive planning as the photonics industry prepares for 2020. Officially entitled "The Worldwide Market for Lasers; Trends and Five-Year Forecast (2018-2024)", the report (available for purchase here) is a far-more detailed assessment of the laser markets than the 2019 Laser Market Review & Forecast article published in the January 2019 issue of Laser Focus World.
Published by Strategies Unlimited and Laser Markets Research, the report provides an exhaustive analysis of both laser trends, technology advances, and sales information as well as a detailed forecast of future growth in such markets as industrial, telecom, medical, military, R&D, displays, cinema, and numerous other application areas. Here is a summary of what you will learn about the past, present, and future of the laser markets:
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In 2017, the strong world economy led to the laser market growing at levels rarely seen before, so it should be surprising to learn that in 2018, laser growth levels have returned to more modest levels. Largely contributing to this slowdown is the slowing China Economy, trade tariffs, and rising interest rates. Laser revenue transitioned from high growth at the beginning of 2018, to slower growth by year's end. Still, several laser areas managed to have quite strong growth throughout 2018, with medical, display, and sensor laser revenue growth all exceeding 10% in 2018.  Overall, the laser market had a combined revenue growth of over 5% in 2017, which is quite good considering it followed such a strong year before it. Learn more about what is driving laser growth in this new report which analyzes laser applications by segment, and provides 2018 data and forecasts for units, ASP, and revenues by laser type and laser application through 2024, in addition to providing insights on what is shaping today's laser industries and what you can expect in the coming years ahead.
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