Precise Laser Resistor Trimming
Release time:2019-01-12
In order to improve the precision of thick film circuit, the resistance must be adjusted.Because of the thick film screen printing operation inherent inaccuracy, uneven and sintering conditions on the surface of the substrate is not repetitive, thick film resistors often appear error of plus or minus, if the value of more than nominal value will not be able to correct, but in general the printing after burning resistance is lower than the target value is about 30%, so it should be adjusted by the laser to achieve the target.
Laser trimming is to position a focused coherent beam of light on the workpiece under the control of a microcomputer so that the film layer of the workpiece to be adjusted is gasified to achieve the specified parameters or resistance values.When adjusting the resistance, the local temperature rises to melt the glass, and the edge of the gasification partial resistance tank is covered by glass, which can fill and level the medium cut on the surface of the substrate.
The advanced laser tuning system USES a large number of LSI and VLSI circuits and replaces many hardware functions with most software operations.The core part is directly connected with the laser, beam positioning, step by step repetition and measurement system by hardware.The measurement system consists of a passive network with a precision bridge and a matrix.
Advanced laser tuning system has A variety of tuning functions, can modify the hybrid integrated circuit, thin film resistor network, capacitance network, porcelain base film integrated components, but also can modify D/A and A/D converter precision, V/F converter frequency, active filter zero frequency and operational amplifier misalignment voltage.It also has IEEE488 interface for data transmission with other test equipment.

Precise Laser Resistor Trimming(图1)
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